Wonderland in Alice

What would induce a normal sane human to get up at 4:30am in the morning and venture out to brave the desert cold and darkness? Maybe the unusual opportunity to fly like Montgolfier and experience that freedom that a hot-air balloon offers.

Nothing quite like the wonderland especially seeing it from the vantage of a hot-air balloon. The burners pouring irregular bursts of noisy flame to heat the air - toasting the heads of all the basket passengers. And then the cold sets in as the flames recede and give way to the blanket of silence so solid except for the call of Kurrawongs incredible distances away.

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Inflating the balloon

The inflated envelope from below.

Desert mist - not clouds but early morning dust.

A closer look at the outback mist.

Wild brumbies from above - they were not sure what the strange bird was.

Balloons over the desert at Alice Springs.

View of the landing from inside the basket.

Safely landed along the side of the road to nowhere

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