Kata Tjuta - The Olgas

A particulary awesome sight is the Olgas (Kata Tjuta), an outcropping of conglomerate rock (as opposed to Ayers Rock which is a form of sandstone). The formations (a collection of 36 weathered red domes) reach up to 546 metres high, the tallest stands 200 metres higher than Ayers Rock/Uluru.

The Olgas are situated some 50 kilometres to the west of the Ayers Rock resort.The forces which thrust it out of the inland sea 300 million years ago created cracks and fissures that have been eroded to form the smooth domes you see today. In the Anangu language, Kata Tjuta means ‘many heads’.

Many people who come here are surprised by the beauty of the lesser known Olgas, many believing they hold even greater charm than the Rock. It is also possible to walk through the Valley of the Winds, winding around several of the domes.

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Olgas from dune lookout at the Ayers Rock resort.

Olgas from Ayers Rock sunset view point.

Almost surreal and forbidding - the Kata Tjuta cluster close up.

Rising out of the desert sands, the Olga domes.

The view of the gorge between the two most prominent domes.

A short walk with great views through the Olga Gorge (Tatintjawiya).

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