Personality Test


A psychologist developed these shapes. They have been tested worldwide, over a period of several years. As feedback was received from research, the color and/or form of each shape was carefully adjusted and then tested again. This resulted in a highly successful set of shapes. These shapes represent the nine basic personality types.

Select one of the nine shapes below that appeals to you the most and then read about your personality.

1.  Introspective, Sensitive, Reflective 2.  Independent, Unconventional, Unfettered 3.  Dynamic, Active, Extroverted
4.  Down to Earth, Well-Balanced, Harmonious 5.  Professional, Pragmatic, Self-Assured 6.  Peaceful, Discreet, Non-Aggressive
7.  Carefree, Playful, Cheerful 8.  Romantic, Dreamy, Emotional 9.  Analytical, Trustworthy, Self-Assured

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